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Negotiating Child Custody and Access for Clients in Brampton

Some of the more frequent issues that arise during a divorce are those related to child custody and access. At S. Cahill Law, we work with clients throughout the Brampton area and surrounding communities to negotiate and reach a settlement regarding issues of custody and access that considers the needs of the children and the legal rights of both parents. As long as the custody arrangement is deemed to be in the best interest of the child, courts will often avoid interfering in custody settlements made between parents. If parents are unable to reach an amicable arrangement, the final decision will likely rest in the hands of a judge. In this case, proper legal representation will be a great asset.

Joint Custody Arrangement


Under a joint custody arrangement, both parents retain legal access to their children. In many cases, children will evenly split their time between the separate homes of each parent, and access may not face legal restrictions. The parents have an equal say in all major decisions regarding their children, and they must agree on which course of action to take.

Sole Custody Arrangement

Under a sole custody arrangement, one parent retains primary physical custody of their children and time is not evenly split between each parent. The parent with sole custody is also in charge of making most major decisions, and is not required to consult the other parent in every instance. The parent who does not have sole custody, may face additional restrictions regarding their legal access to their children. This includes supervised visits.

Contact S. Cahill Law for legal advice regarding custody and access arrangements.

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