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Family Law and Litigation Support in the Brampton Community

At S. Cahill Law in Brampton, our team has experience practicing in a number of different areas of law. Our primary focus is on family law and litigation, including issues related to divorce and separation such as property division, spousal support, child support, access and protection. Our lawyers will strive to do everything possible to give you the guidance and support you need to ensure that the legal rights of you and your family are being protected.

Criminal Law Support


Our legal team also has experience relating to matters of criminal law, including assault and other violent offences. We will defend you in court and make sure that you are receiving a proper defence to all charges. Our lawyers will ensure that your story gets told and that your rights remain respected.

Family Law Services


We provide support in a number of areas related to family law, including:

 Legal separations
 Child support
 Child support variations
 Child custody and access
 Child protection hearing
 Spousal support
 Spousal support variations
 Violation issues
 Property issues
 Division of property
 Matrimonial home issues

family law
criminal law

Criminal Law Services


We can assist in the defence against charges of:

 Domestic assault
 Assault with a weapon
 Aggravated assault
 Assault causing bodily harm

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